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Best Forex Broker in 2024 to Opt for Trading

There are hundreds of active forex brokers available in the trading industry. Some may offer excellent service, while others may provide an average service. So, a busy trader would not know the difference between the best one and the average one as they don’t have time to conduct research on different brokers. Instead, they stick with one broker. However, advanced traders always look for the best broker.

On the other hand, pick the best broker is not a piece of cake! One needs to spend hours testing to find out the one broker that helps a trader grow and reduce the loss at the same time. Spending hours on finding the broker would definitely harm the regular trading operation of a broker. Keep that in mind; we aim to provide direction to the dedicated traders. As a result, we conduct regular research on finding the best broker, and it is a continuous process.

So, we have researched to find the best broker in 2023, considering some criteria such as customer care, deposit methods, withdrawal options, and trading platforms. After spending months on research and testing, we have found the winner! And it is FP Markets.

FP Markets

FP Markets Features

  • Offers global CFDs and Forex along with shares, indices, cryptos, and commodities
  • Consistent tight spreads starting from 0.0 pips and tight raw spreads
  • Offer the best available liquidity available in the market
  • More than 10,000 CFDs to trade
  • Three varieties of platform MT4, MT5, and IRESS
  • Trade via mobile, web, and app
  • No dealing desk operation, no price manipulation, and no requotes
  • Low latency trade execution
  • Superior VPS with auto trading
  • Multilingual customer support with personal account managers

What Can You Trade with FP Markets?

What Can You Trade with FP Markets?

FP Markets - Open an Account

FP Markets Trading Platform

FP Markets has 2 types of platforms, one for Australia and another one for the rest of the world. IRESS platform is designed for all types of investors from beginners to advanced with access to CFDs such as Stocks, Indices, Forex, Cryptos, and Commodities. With the IRESS, traders can apply diversified strategies along with hedging. Besides, it is a multimarket platform that has some productive features such as charting, alerts, and managing a multi-product portfolio. A full range of order processing option is also available, which also supports a simple contingent order.

Other IRESS features are simple interface, easy order placement, live pricing, news alerts, compatibility on all the latest devices and operating systems, and managing multiple watchlists.

MT4 and MT5 are other types of platforms. However, MT5 is just the updated version of MT4 with some additional features. Both of them offer some significant technical indicators that can speed up your forex strategy and trading experience. Besides, advanced charting tools also help to create a working trading strategy.

MT4 and MT5 provide automated trading features too, which can provide an advantage to the traders. This platform is compatible with any operating system such as Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android.

FP Markets Trading Platform

FP Markets - Open an Account

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods of FP Markets

FP Markets forex broker provides multiple deposit and withdrawal methods for all account holders. The popular transaction methods include PayPal, Cards, Bank Transfer, BPay (in Australia only), Neteller, Skrill, broker to broker. Although the traders don’t require to pay any charges, any internal fees for international bank deposits is covered by FP markets. Unlike deposits, FP Markets charge 10 AUD internal fees for international withdrawals.

Some brokers may allow third-party deposits, but FP Markets is different from them. They only receive the funds from the named account holder, which means the trading account holder’s name should match with the depositor’s name. Furthermore, FP Markets don’t accept any deposit from any kind of joint accounts such as bank or card. That being said, if traders have joint FP Markets account, they can deposit from individual bank accounts or cards.

For the withdrawals, there are no charges for a local transfer, but they charge for international transfer. However, withdrawals are subject to approval, and it may take one business day.

FP Markets Deposits and Withdrawals


As we said earlier, the best forex brokers can provide you a relaxed trading life and get you the expected return. However, it is not possible to trade with a flexible broker, as finding one is tricky. Having said that, we have worked and invested in some forex brokers to find the best one for 2023. And finally, we have become successful in finding one after a lot of trial and error. Our precious finding concluded that FP Markets is the best broker of 2023.

However, it was not in the air, and we had to do an explicit analysis based on some criteria we have mentioned throughout the article.

So, we confidently recommend FP Markets to start trading in 2023.

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