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InvestLite Review: Why Should you Trader with Investlite?

investlite review

Usually, we don’t want to try a new broker. It is because of the trust issue. And, that is why as a new broker InvestLite started their operation in a way that they can gain trust from the traders. They have started their trading operation after getting the membership from Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). IFSC is a financial regulatory body by the Belize government and recognized in the Europe. From different InvestLite review you may get a chance to know how they are trying become the trustable broker.

Here you will also get an idea about InvestLite’s feature, that they are offering to gain trust from the users.

Overview of InvestLite

Although InvestLite is new, they have two offices, one in Belize and another one in UK. They offer a variety of assets that has all the top categories, such as, Forex, Crypto and others with a competitive feature. Moreover, trading with InvestLite, will get you the access to various technical tools through the fastest forex trading platforms. Besides, they provide relaxed deposit and withdrawal method with no commission

Let’s get you introduce the top features of InvestLite, that will surely convenience you to trade with them.

No Invisible Charges

When you talk about online transaction or trading, fees become the most important factor. Most of the established brokers tend to put charges for even a small transaction and you will not know until you get charged. On the other hand, InvestLite doesn’t impose any kind of hidden charges like that.

We have also seen that, some brokers charges for depositing and withdrawing money. InvestLite doesn’t do that either as they transparent about all the charges. You will know where you will get charged and think before the transaction.

Versatile Service

Most of the broker focus on a singe or couple of services at a time. As a result, if you want to diversify your trading portfolio by investing in different assets, you will not be able to do that. However, InvestLite offers different services, that are well versatile. So, you can chop your investment or different assets as reducing the risk factors.

Analytical Tools

Analytical Tools

For an effective trading experience, there is no alternative to analysis the market before trading. And, you will need numerous analytical tools for that and take a trading decision. With the perfect use of analytical tools, you may predict the market more accurately than ever.

On the other hand, broker with no or less analytical tools may hinder your growth and put you though a severe disadvantage. But, InvestLite offers more than 30 analytical tools to strive your success.

Trading and Security

At the beginning of our InvestLite review, we have told that they are regulated by IFSC which ensures the security of the traders’ fund. However, the online trading industry is booming and many unauthorized companies started their operations here and there to take the advantages of inexperience trader though offering some lucrative deals.

On the other hand, if we look at the InvestLite, despite of being new they took all the security measures to gain the trust from traders. Besides, the regulatory body also ensures the safety of traders’ funds.

InvestLite Trading Accounts

Different trading accounts provides you the ultimate versatility, that let you to customize the investment according to the fund. InvestLite offer three accounts, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All three accounts signify your investment size. However, all of them provide the same benefits, except few noticeable differences such as leverage, spreads and swap rates.

Now let’s get through briefly on each account types.

Silver account is a great opportunity for the budget traders as you don’t have to make a huge investment. Silver account holders will get 1:200, while they can trade all the top currencies.

The Gold one comes with 1:400 and 25% swap discount, which will definitely provide you more profit than the Silver one. Besides a dedicated manager will be there for you always.

The platinum InvestLite account is for more advanced inv who has a hefty amount of money to invest. It provides 1:500 leverage, 50% swap discount, free VPS, and more.

InvestLite Trading Platform Review

InvestLite Trading Platform Review

InvestLite focus their service for both new and experienced traders. That is why they looked for such a platform that is usable for all. And Meta Trader 4 is the tool they go for. It is the most popular and powerful trading tool in the world. In a word you may say it is a one-stop trading tool, where you will get all trading instruments and assets in one place.

Moreover, with the InvestLite MT4 you can trade online via a web browser, mobile app, and desktop for your PC.

InvestLite Education

What if you are a new trader or have little experience, or even want to reshape your experience, and want do from your broker account?

Now, you can get all from InvestLite Educational feature. It provides education via video, newsletters, training, eBooks, etc. for the account holders.

InvestLite Review: Conclusion

As a new broker InvestLite successfully managed to have steady growth, while many forex brokers have failed. Besides, they have not imposed any commissions yet, so, it is a great chance for the traders to bank some extra cash. Because there is a possibility to add commission or fees as they grow older like other established platforms.

On the other hand, the regulations will make your fund safe and you can focus on trading peacefully. Because of these, we happily recommend InvestLite to anyone regardless of the expertise level.

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